Scrap’n’Save Correction

I do my best to only bring you deals that I have vetted myself. However, due to the time constraints involved on really good deals, it obviously isn’t possibly to place an order, wait for the item, test the quality and then share the deal. Sometimes that means a deal is not quite what it was thought to be.

Scrap’n’Save is just such a deal.

The site allowed us to view the great deals posted there, order them, give payment information . . . and even sent us an order confirmation. However, today when I clicked through on the order locator link in my email, I found a page that said something to the effect of, “Scrap’n’Save is not open for business. Orders are only able to be placed as a training exercise.”

I did double check and I was never charged for the transaction, but it makes me uncomfortable that a company who is not in business was willing to take my payment information?!?

So, I apologize for being the one who introduced you to this deal. I’m sorry there are companies out there who are unscrupulous and ineffectively managed, too.


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