One Lunch

In Dallas, we have been iced into our houses for two full days now. There doesn’t appear to be a thaw immediate, so the odds are good we’ll be snowed in tomorrow as well.

What will you do for lunch? If it thaws here, I am sure there will be a rush on fast food and restaurants as people feel the need to get out and stretch their legs and fill their bellies.

One young girl not far from here will mark tomorrow as the 100th day of eating soup for lunch . . . and she takes her lunch money and sends it to feed a child in Ethiopia.

So tomorrow, in celebration of the dedication of this 15-year-old girl, I would ask you to consider donating the money that you would normally spend on lunch to the children of the Adami Tulu preschool. Just $3 will feed a child like this for a month!

Commit to making a difference! I’ll remind you tomorrow.


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