The Fresh Diet Wrap-Up

So, I have officially completed my week of meals through the Fresh Diet. I have to say I was disappointed to get up this morning and not find all my food for the day waiting for me . . . but oh did I enjoy my Texas Roadhouse meal with hubbie tonight!!

Here are my conclusions:

  1. There is nothing like the convenience of having all of your food prepared, portioned delivered right to your door.
  2. In general the food was good, but not in large amounts. (2 meatballs the size of ping pong balls was an entree, a side of asparagus was two pieces, etc.)
  3. The meat could use some help – the chicken was rubbery and had a funky taste at times, the beef was tough and chewy after being reheated in the microwave.

If The Fresh Diet is interested in my suggestions for improvement, they are this:

1. Label the entrees with calorie count. At times someone may not eat parts of the meal but won’t know what to supplement if they don’t know how many calories they eliminated.
2. Cut down on the “special” sauces if that is where so much of the calorie count is going and do more basic seasoning with more volume of actual nutritious vegetables.
3. Work to make this program as economical as possible.

I haven’t shared this with you yet because I know many of you – just like me – will get hung up on it, but the regular cost for a week of The Fresh Diet is $419.93 or $59.99 a day! It drops slightly if you sign up for a longer period – a 31-day commitment will get the daily cost down to $44.99. And there is a more restrictive plan where they choose your meals based on your likes and dislikes that costs $34.99 - $49.99 a day.

However, most of us can’t afford that . . . not even close to that. I do think it helped me lose weight over the last week, but I don’t think I could have kept it up for long enough to make it a long term thing.

Now, to figure out how to eat well in the right proportions and not give in to fast food just because it’s quick and easy . . . [Sigh].


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