February 10, 2011

Day 4: The Fresh Diet

Today, I deviated from the set menu and went out to lunch. Did my best to be pretty healthy about it and not eat a bunch of junk. But I then combined my lunch and dinner entrees to one meal which was MORE than enough.


Multi-Grain Pancakes with Fresh Raspberries & Cherry Yogurt

One pancake, I ate it with a touch of butter. About 8 small raspberries – they were quite good. Gave the yogurt to my son because it is so sour. Added a boiled egg for some protein.


Mini Whole Wheat Pocket Filled with Curried Egg Salad

This snack was good and more filling than some of the meals (especially breakfast) have been. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had added a touch of salt or paprika, but it was good.

Lunch (Ate this as a side salad with dinner)

Blue Cheese Salad with Baby Corn, Hearts of Palm, Romaine Lettuce & Sun Dried Tomato with Basil Vinaigrette Dressing

Another really good salad, although I didn’t know what hearts of palm were and the baby corn is always weird to me. Ha!


Home Style Crab Cake with Brown Rice with Pecans & Scallions and Sautéed Eggplant

I like crab cake okay, but I think I normally have it with some sort of sauce. Eating it dry with dry brown rice was a struggle, but I did make myself finish it. I didn’t see one pecan or one scallion either. The eggplant was okay but not tasty, so I didn’t finish it.


Mixed Fresh Berries with Creamy Ricotta Cheese Dip.

Berries were great! Ricotta cheese dip was better than other days, but still not high on my favorites list.