50% off Frecklebox Returns

This was a great deal the last time it came around . . . and now it’s back!

Frecklebox is a great online store where you can get all kinds of items personalized for your little ones.

My oldest will start school in the fall, and he’s HARD on lunchboxes, so I am ordering this lunch box:

Picture of Vintage Truck Personalized Lunch Box

It’s all metal and should last  . . . at least through his first year of kindergarten anyway. And it should only be $5.90 shipped after the Plum District deal (which will cost you $15).

That’s a bit more than I usually spend on a lunchbox, but I thought he could even keep it after kindergarten was over and store all of his “treasures” in it!

I would also like to get Colt and Weston picture books with their names in them:

Picture of My Name Is Personalized BookPicture of Personalized Zoo Book

And if you were going to have a baby, what better way to share it than this:

Picture of Big Sister Personalized Book

Plum District is offering $30 worth of Frecklebox merchandise for $15 – then shipping starts at $2.95.

They also have lots of stuff I didn’t mention like stickers, notebooks, folders, puzzles, wall art, etc.


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