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Ready for Summer? FREE Shipping on Swimwear or Beach Towels at Disney

LAST CHANCE: Juppy Giveaway

The Juppy Baby Walker giveaway ends tonight. Get your entries in before its too late!

Voice Your Feelings {Giveaway}

No, this is not another rant on my part, or even an encouragement to others to rant.Voice Your Feelings is a new company who creates greeting cards with YOUR voice on them to send to your loved ones.Having had a BIL who was overseas more often than not in the first five years Joey and I were married, I see a great value in these cards. I know many of you have loved ones who aren’t close and would love to be able to hear the voices of their kids, grandkids, sister, brother, mom, dad, etc. anytime they like. Personally, I plan to create one of these cards with my boys voices on it. I know they won’t sound the same way they do today for much longer and one day I will want to play that sound and remember how absolutely adorable they were. (I wonder if I’ll also remember how stressed out and beaten down I was with three boys under the age of 5?!?!)The process is super simple. You log on to the website and select a card. Using their simple recorder, you record whatever…

Mabel’s Labels for just $8!

Wow, I can’t believe I was just telling you that you needed to invest in some Mabel’s Labels and then I look and there is a wonderful deal on them!Mamapedia is offering $20 worth of Mabel’s Labels for just $10 . . . and if you use the code FRIENDS20 you will get an additional 20% off making it just $8!

Around the Corner . . .

Life has been flying by me and I have been meaning to update you on our Creative Estates sponsors! You’ll want to read this because there are some giveaways involved that you will want to get in on.
Mabel’s Labels just sent us these awesome travel labels for us to use for our stuff while we attend the conference. Can’t wait . . . they are uber cute!!

Shutterfly is donating 20 photo books and notecard sets that we will be giving away here at MelissaStuff, on my SIL’s blog, through our Twitter accounts and in person at the conference. So keep checking in. You’ll want to get one of those!

Essential Swimwear has ALL of their swimwear on sale for 40% off!!!! And they expect to get new styles in March which we will be introducing to you – and you might just have a chance to win one so keep checking out these Creative Estates updates.

Tropical Traditions has donated some great organic lip balms that we will be taking to giveaway at the conference! As you know I love their products and will be d…

HURRY: $1 for 3 Redbox Rentals

Groupon is offering 3 Redbox Rentals for $1! Catch up on the movies you’ve been too busy to see.

Leapfrog Clearance

Leapster Clearance at Target $8.71$12.44There are a couple of great Leapster games on sale right now at Target online . . . there may be additional sales in the stores.The Leapster itself is on sale for $45.99.Leapfrog ClearanceDidj Games - $4.99Didj Nancy Drew Game - $7.99And you can get FREE shipping with more than $50 in your order or with the purchase of any Leapster game or game pack with the code NEWSITEL2.

My One and Only

Every year we have two birthdays that are only two days apart . . . my biggest boy and my oldest boy husband. Today is my sweet hubbies birthday. Unfortunately with the flu invading our house, our plans got cancelled and we have had to move to Plan B – eating lots of fast food, watching tv and playing the Wii. But those things are all up Joey’s alley so I haven’t heard too many complaints.With the help of my mom and the boys, we decorated a little bit, had a cake and opened some presents. We’re going to order PF Chang’s and enjoy a movie through Amazon and Tivo here in a second, I think.I know you that read the blog and don’t know me IRL won’t know this, but my husband and I have a strong relationship . . . a passionate relationship . . . and sometimes a contentious relationship. We are both strong-willed, independent and frequently pulling in two different directions. But he is my best friend. He is the one I run to with my happiest moments and my most frustrating moments. Even when …

The Flu is Back

Well, I thought we had bypassed the entire house being sick when I had the flu earlier this year . . . but it was not to be. My middle child who is never sick spiked a 103 degree fever in the middle of Thursday night and Friday morning, and I figured it was the flu.So now we have 5 prescriptions for Tamiflu and a bunch of cancelled plans for the weekend.Glad I stock up on medicines when they’re on sale and I have coupons. You should sign up for the Robitussin link above and print your own $1/1 Robitussin coupon. You never know when you’ll need it . . . trust me.

1 – 8x10 and 75 – 4x6 Prints for $5

Snapfish Special: 1- 8x10 and 75 – 4x6 for $5 plus shipping. Use the code BESTPICS.

Win a Cruise!

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that Joey and I are going on a cruise in a couple of months . . . it’s just time for a break and a chance to remember why we chose to spend our lives together. I honestly think the mundane – and the children – make it hard to remember sometimes.We looked and looked and feel good that we found a good deal on this trip, but I know vacation can be expensive and simply out of reach for many of us. If you would like to go on vacation, but can’t afford it or would rather just put that money towards something different – you can enter to win a Holland American cruise right here:Win a cruise!

Disney Family Fun Magazine for just $5

My SIL is a huge fan of this magazine and was just lamenting that she thinks her subscription has run out . . . if you’re in the same spot, this deal is for you.Get a one-year subscription to Disney’s Family Fun for just $5!If you are a returning customer to Plum District, use this link.

$10 FREE at RueLaLa Back! Did You Miss It the First Time?

Several months ago RueLaLa offered $10 to new customers . . . I used it to get a good deal on a pair of incredible snow boots and a set of Ed Hardy ski gloves for my husband because we went to Colorado over Christmas. That offer is LIVE again, right now! Sign up for RueLaLa now to take advantage of the FREE $10.With it, you can get all kinds of incredible deals, including the Olive Oil gift set above – retailing for $32 – for just $9.90!

Even BETTER Price on Children’s DVDs!

I posted (and purchased) this deal yesterday, and then today Mamapedia released a discount code – FRIENDS20 – that takes 20% off any purchase, including this one. So today, if you are a returning customer at Mamapedia you can get these DVDs for just $8!New customers should still use the code below to get this deal for $5.******************************************************************Mamapedia has a great deal right now! Get $25 in children’s DVDs like Horseland, Arthur, Busytown and White Fang for just $10.If you’re a new member, you can use the code DVD3A to get an additional $5 off – that means $25 worth of DVDs for just $5.I bought this myself and will likely get a 3 DVD set of White Fang and a 4 DVD set of Arthur: Postcards from Buster . . . I’ll still have $5 in credit left, and shipping for those 7 DVDs using Media Mail is only $2.50!And, remember with Mamapedia, you get to choose the school of your choice to receive 5% of your purchase!

$5 for $10 of Jamba Juice

$5 for $10 of Jamba Juice – one of my favorites!

HOT: Get a FREE $10 Gift Card to California Pizza Kitchen!

This one is super easy. Just refer two friends to Plum District and you will get a $10 gift certificate to California Pizza Kitchen.

HOT: $25 in Children’s DVDs for $5!

Mamapedia has a great deal right now! Get $25 in children’s DVDs like Horseland, Arthur, Busytown and White Fang for just $10.If you’re a new member, you can use the code DVD3A to get an additional $5 off – that means $25 worth of DVDs for just $5.I bought this myself and will likely get a 3 DVD set of White Fang and a 4 DVD set of Arthur: Postcards from Buster . . . I’ll still have $5 in credit left, and shipping for those 7 DVDs using Media Mail is only $2.50!And, remember with Mamapedia, you get to choose the school of your choice to receive 5% of your purchase!

$10/$25 Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle has some great deals right now. Use this printable coupon to get $10 off a $25 purchase. There are some good finds in the clearance section and $5 flat rate shipping on any purchase under $100.

20% Off P.F. Chang’s Online Ordering

Order from P.F. Chang’s online and get 20% off your order when you use the promo code AWARDS.Code expires February 27, 2011.

50% off Frecklebox Returns

This was a great deal the last time it came around . . . and now it’s back!Frecklebox is a great online store where you can get all kinds of items personalized for your little ones.My oldest will start school in the fall, and he’s HARD on lunchboxes, so I am ordering this lunch box:It’s all metal and should last  . . . at least through his first year of kindergarten anyway. And it should only be $5.90 shipped after the Plum District deal (which will cost you $15).That’s a bit more than I usually spend on a lunchbox, but I thought he could even keep it after kindergarten was over and store all of his “treasures” in it!I would also like to get Colt and Weston picture books with their names in them:And if you were going to have a baby, what better way to share it than this:Plum District is offering $30 worth of Frecklebox merchandise for $15 – then shipping starts at $2.95.They also have lots of stuff I didn’t mention like stickers, notebooks, folders, puzzles, wall art, etc.

5 Years Goes by Fast

That is where I was exactly 5 years ago today. I had no clue what I was in for, but I was oh so glad to not be pregnant anymore.My biggest boy has grown and changed a lot in those five years. He is smart, well-spoken, opinionated, stubborn and loving . . . more than just a little like his mommy.We butt heads a lot and yet he is always eager to please. Sometimes he just wants his way a little bit more.I can’t believe my firstborn isn’t really so little anymore. He’s ready to go to school. Really, probably ready to take on the world if we would just let him.I pray God gets a hold of that stubborn little heart and turns it towards Him. I’m not the best mommy in the world, but I hope, in spite of me, God takes the heart of this little boy and doesn’t something powerful in it and through it.When you think of it today, please whisper a prayer that Riley will seek God with everything in him. And that Mommy will be patient with the process.Amen.

15% Off at Bloom Avenue and {Giveaway}

Bloom Avenue sent me this gorgeous bouquet to commemorate our new partnership!Well, actually, this is what they sent me:I know this first picture is a bit blurry – but this is what the arrangement looked like when it arrived.Then this is what it looked like as the Star Lilies began opening! It is absolutely gorgeous . . . in my opinion, much prettier than the example image on the Bloom Avenue website.These pictures can’t adequately show you the real beauty of this arrangement. I would be thrilled to send this to any family member or loved one. You can even smell the flowers from all over my kitchen.Want to order one for yourself or send one to somebody you love? If you use the code MEL you will receive 15% off any purchase!Want to win your own version of this bouquet? You know you can . . .Entries: (Please leave a separate comment for each of these that you complete so you get the maximum number of entries.)1. Follow MelissaStuff by GFC, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, Networked Blogsor …

$3 Off Eversave for Facebook Fans

What I Got: 90% Off Valentine’s

Happen to stop in Target today randomly, and found Valentine’s had been marked down to 90% off – the Valentine’s candy is at 75% off.I picked up 3 packages (maybe 4) of Valentine’s for next year. They ended up being $.25 each and one i snagged was only $.10.They had some adorable cupcake liners – both full-size and mini – that said thinks like “Made with Love” on them. They werd $.19 for a set of 24.In addition I picked up some gag stuff for White Elephant gift exchanges or embarrassing my brother-in-law (it’s actually more likely to embarrass my sister-in-law) or whatever else comes up.They were marking down swimsuits while we were there. The tankini and boy shorts suit I wanted wasn’t clearanced at all of course, but many of the triangle bikinis with string ties were.And in other years I have found Valentine boxers in the men’s department and gotten them for 90% off at this time of year, as well.Let us know what you find!

51 Prints for $.09 Shipped TOTAL

Today only, Snapfish is offering FREE shipping (no minimum) when you enter the code FSPREZDAY at checkout. When you sign up for Snapfish, you automatically get 50 FREE prints and those FREE prints are shipping for free. (You will need to buy 1 print at $0.09)#1 – Create a new account on Snapfish#2 - Upload your photos#3 - Add 51 prints to your cart#4 - Enter the code FSPREZDAY at checkoutYour total should be $0.09 for 51 prints shipped!(Thanks Cleverly Simple and Hip2Save!)

What I Got: Target Online Clearance

I’ve shared before that I almost always shop off season and stock up on clothing when it is clearancing out . . . well, Target has some GREAT deals online right now.Picked up some jeans for my boys because we are definitely at the stage where they are tearing holes in the knees of everything before they can outgrow it, let alone pass it down to the next brother.$5.60I have some hand-me-down swim trunks for Weston that are in great shape still, but no rash guards because when the other two were infants we weren’t out and about much. But last summer we were at the pool once or twice a week, so I picked this up to go with the trunks.$2.78And while I try to limit my boys toys, I do make exceptions for learning toys and things that keep them quiet and occupied. So I couldn’t pass up the Leapster Game and Tag Reader book that were heavily clearanced.$3.48$8.71Then they had two other toys I thought the boys would love. Since they were only $3.48 I went ahead and ordered one of each and I’m h…

Hurry: $5/1 Target Jeans

Target has a $5/1 coupon available for their entire stock of women’s denim!Print the coupon now and then keep your eye out for clearance bargains. Sometimes you can even get FREE items with these coupons.