Right Job . . . Right Boss

Okay, so today got better than it started. But still lots of frustration on my part. Scheduled for a weekend of girl time and scrapbooking. Sure hoping that will help.

But I did want to finish what I started saying earlier.

To go back to work I would need the right job and the right boss.

When I graduated from college, I became the executive assistant to a very successful motivational speaker who traveled all over the country. After several weeks of working with him, it became clear that the job that had previously taken 40 hours a week was not going to occupy that much time for me. (I streamlined most of the processes by using updated technology.) So, my wonderful boss offered me the option of working 20 hours a week while getting paid for 40 . . . and then he paid for me to go back to school and get my Master’s Degree!

After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master’s Degree in Youth Education and Ministry, I went to work for an adoption agency as a birthmother counselor. Honestly, my favorite job EVER, but not something I could do with a family.

Briefly, while we applied for a house loan I also worked a job as a “Resource Manager” for a large consultant based company. Basically, I just made sure the consultants knew what they were doing and took them to eat or out for coffee. Lots of fun and lots of freedom.

My last job was Project Coordinator for the Marketing Department of a non-profit ministry with an annual budget of over 20 million dollars. Not a job I ever expected to be doing, but what made that job great was my boss. I could not have asked for a better boss. He gave me a job. He let me do it. He didn’t gripe when I did it differently than he would have done it. He praised my strengths and encouraged me to continue working on my weaknesses.

In order for me to return to work, I would need a position that was at least less frustrating than what I am doing on a daily basis right now. In my world that looks like this:

  1. The freedom to do my job in the amount of time it takes ME, and not be forced to sit at a desk for 40 hours a week just because.
  2. A job that is continually changing and presenting me new tasks to be challenged by.
  3. Interaction with a host of different people with the necessary time to make and develop relationships with them.
  4. A boss who understands the way I work and works with me.
  5. An up-line that is small or at least contains no micro-managers.

How do you put that in a resume or a cover letter?

I don’t think there are very many jobs or bosses that fit all of that. I know I have been extremely blessed to have had the positions, the opportunities and the relationships I have had to this point.

Joey and I are praying and waiting. God’s answer may not be to make any drastic changes right now.

But if you know of anyone who has any freelance work that would fit these criteria . . . PLEASE send them my way. (In addition to the jobs listed I have extensive experience as a writer and content editor. I have also done many unique, individual projects such as typing several hundred handwritten letters from the turn of the century so a family could preserve the history in them.)

I must sleep now. G’night!


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