I promise, I have not decided to quit blogging . . . I was shocked at how thoroughly this holiday season kicked my rear!

I know it is mainly due to our crazy trip to Colorado and all of the ensuing drama, but I have not recovered yet.

This past weekend we traveled to Waco for an additional Christmas. All of Joey’s siblings got together with his mom – we celebrated Christmas, two birthdays, New Year’s and even through in a wedding for good measure. It was a busy weekend but enjoyable, if not exactly relaxing.

We are all home today trying to put order back into our life and home. Then tomorrow is my birthday and my awesome hubby took off to celebrate with me!

But normal blogging should be returning soon. I plan to finish the recap of the Colorado trip – you know it’s only taken me about a week to get it all posted. Ha!

In the meantime, keep an eye out for Christmas clearance sales. Buy paper, bows, name tags, and even gifts for 75% and 90% off now.

Target should be hitting 90% off tomorrow morning.

CVS is 50% off here and moving slow. It won’t probably go 90% off for another week or so.

Mardel (they have the BEST Christmas bags!) just went 75% off today, so it will be several days before it goes 90% off.

Grocery stores are clearing out what they have, and places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc. will have great deals in the next week or so. Just pop your head in whenever you have a chance and see what you can find.


  1. Happy Birthday to you.
    Glad your trips were pretty much fun and that now you're home safe and sound and maybe able to relax some.
    Glad you're littlest one's antibiotics will be doing the trick for the nasty and dreaded ear infections.


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