NOT LEGIT: Cricut Cartridges as Low as $3.99!

I said this deal was too good to be true, and it was. This company is not in business. They will take your order and your credit card information, but not ship product. This concerns me about what is happening with the credit card information provided to them, so be VERY careful and I would recommend staying away from this site completely.

Okay, this deal sounds too good to be true, but I was able to check out and purchase several different cartridges at significant discounts from an online, discount scrapbooking store called Scrap-n-Save! As always with this crazy of a sale, there is the chance that there is a glitch somewhere or that we will get an email that says they are sold out and can not fulfill our order. However, as these cartridges usually run 439.99 to $99.99 EACH it is well worth the time to place an order on the chance that it really is a BLOW-OUT sale.


3 Birds on Parade Cricut


3 Birds on Parade Cartridge - $3.99


Disney/Pixar© Cars Cartridge

Disney Pixar Cars Cartridge - $4.99

And TONS more – I paid $40 and got 6 different cartridges shipped. Now, crossing my fingers that they actually show up!


  1. This company has a terrible BBB rating and tons of non-ship complaints on the cricut boards. I've got a $200 cart, but I'm going to call tomorrow to see if it's remotely legit. Their Paypal is disabled, or else I'd give it a shot.

    These prices have been the same since early December, so I'm pretty leery. They should be sold out by now.


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