Earn Points for Being Good?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we earned points for all of the good things we do?

For a while my kids were on a point system – they earned points for the good things they did and lost them when they misbehaved. Then they could redeem their points for things they wanted like playing the Wii, extra dessert, etc.

Now there is a place to earn your own rewards! DailyFeats.com allows you to check in the good things you do and rewards you with points. When you earn enough points, you can cash them in for prizes.photo

I was awarded 50 points just for signing up. Then I clicked on “Spread Holiday Cheer” as we sent Christmas cards, visited a nursing home and sent flowers from 1-800-Flowers to our family that wasn’t going to be with us on Christmas Day.

I received 10 points for the feat of spreading holiday cheer, plus I received an additional 35 points for registering my first feat.

So after just a few minutes, I have 95 points. I can then trade those points for rewards which are basically discounts and coupons on GREAT stuff like Baskin Robbins, Con Queso Mexican Restaurant, and even gift cards. A 1-800-Flowers $10 gift card is just 200 points. An Amazon $10 gift card is 2000 points.

I love this idea. What a great way to encourage people to do nice things. You can earn points for all kinds of feats from Read the News (Blogs count!) to Getting up Early to Eating your Vegetables!

Check it out. Could there be an easier way to earn FREE $$?

You can join too with this exclusive invitation code - Click here to create your account and then enter this code: vhphx.

Can’t wait to hear what feats you have accomplished and what you are earning.


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