Yo Gabba Gabba!


I need to probably begin by apologizing for my lack of posting and for this post taking four days . . . I am packing my family of 5 and coordinating my extended family as we prepare for a 10 day trip to Colorado over Christmas. We leave early Saturday morning and those preparations are taking every spare minute I have.

Hopefully once I get on the road, we will have mobile Internet access and I can catch up on all of the blogging I haven’t done this week. Again, I’m sorry.


But I do want to share about taking this munchkin . . .

November 2010 082


and his little brother 

November 2010 087to their very first live event – Yo Gabba Gabba!November 2010 089Their initial reaction was a bit concerning – they sat and stared as if they should be afraid. 

 November 2010 098 November 2010 100

But eventually they sang and danced and wanted to run down on the stage to meet the characters.

We settled for balloons, and they gave the performance two balloons up!

November 2010 117Now on to the part you all really care about . . . the winner of the Yo Gabba Gabba giveaway.




  1. The roads here in Colorado should be better by Saturday. They are sheets of ice under a tiny covering of snow today. We had to cancel a Doctor's appt. out of town because we couldn't get onto the interstate because it was closed for all the slide offs. The delays on the interstate would have meant we would miss the appointment by several hours.
    So the clinic is going to get us in on Monday when it should be nice outside. Well nice for Colorado in the winter.


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