What I Got: Mattel Outlet Store

For a couple of years I have driven past a warehouse-looking building off the highway that has a big “Mattel” sign hanging on it. Come to find out it’s a Mattel outlet store that is onnly open during certain seasons.

Recently, there was a deal on Adpages deal site that offered $25 worth of toys for $12.50. Perfect opportunity to try out this outlet store, right?

Today, I dropped the boys at preschool and loaded up the baby and headed over.

Here is what I found:

Trio Bulldozer - $7.50 (Compared to $19.99 at Amazon)

Trio Building Set - $10 (Compared to $19.41 at Amazon)


Trio DC Super Friends - $4.98 (Compared to $9.98 at Amazon)
Today they had Robin, Superman and the Penguin.

My First Uno with Mickey Figurine - $6.99 (Compared to $19.99 at Amazon)

Snorta Family Game – $7.99 (Compared to $19.99 at Amazon)

I also got some little Hot Wheels and a Batman mask – stocking stuffers all for under $3 each.

Since I had $50 credit from the Adpages deal, I walked out paying only $.64!

It is well worth your visit to the Mattel Outlet store even though I think the prices and product availability may differ on a day-to-day basis.

The Adpages deal isn’t available anymore, but there are some other great offers that you might be interested right now.


  1. I have always wondered about that place!! glad to know it's good to check!


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