Putting a Face On It

Technically, it’s a little late but yesterday was World AIDS Awareness day and I think sometimes it’s easy to let that roll past us without putting a face on it . . . so I’m going to do just that:

Baby Angie

Girl, Born July 10, 2009

Awww, peach fuzz!  Miss Angie is darling, but was born with many health complications, including  HIV+. Despite all of this, she really is doing well!  She is growing well and developing normally cognitively.

From her caregivers:  The child sits with support, emotionally reacts to bright toys, adult voice. Drinks from a cup and eating with spoons by an adult.

For more info and parent support on adopting and raising a child with HIV, please visit http://www.projecthopeful.org/

Baby Angie is ready to be adopted. She sits and waits for someone to answer the call to be her forever family.

I’m not a medical expert, but as I have researched adoption and HIV+ babies lately, I have learned that many of these babies with proper nutrition and the medical care available to us here in the US will have their viral loads diminish to the point that they don’t even test positive for HIV anymore. That doesn’t mean that they are “cured” because without the medicine, the viral loads would increase again. But it does mean that they have the potential to live a normal lifespan. What a gift is that to these precious children!

You may not be in the position to adopt, but you can donate so that this sweet baby can be adopted by a family who is willing but may not have the financial means to get her home.


  1. What a sweet little girl!
    I pray someone adopts her soon so she can grow up in a loving family.


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