LOCAL: $10 for Great Christmas Gifts

Two deals to help you save money on your Christmas shopping:

#1 – Spend $10 for $20 worth of gifts at the Southlake Town Square

No one gets left off the list when you shop at Southlake Town Square! With brand-name stores like Coach, Anthropologie, Vera Bradley and Apple, unique boutique stores and diverse restaurants, you’re sure to find something for everyone at this renowned retail destination. Designed to resemble an old-fashioned town square setting, Southlake Town Square invites you to linger and explore the 100 plus upscale shops and restaurants. During December, families can take a carriage ride on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings or visit with Santa and his elves for photos at Santa’s Village in Rustin Park. This deal is the ultimate pre-stocking stuffer: pay $10 for $20 worth of shopping and treat yourself or someone you love to a little extra gift this season.

#2 – Get $20 worth of educational toys at Learning Express for just $10

Need to find toys so awesome they're guaranteed to put huge smiles on your kids' faces? Learning Express Toys is the place and this timely JITC deal is your new best friend! Learning Express Toys is a wonderful world of imagination and fun full of specialty toys that will encourage all kinds of creative play and learning. From musical tea sets to remote control cars, the selection is endless; finding the perfect toy is not the hard part, but deciding on which ones to buy is pretty tough! Thankfully the knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to help you pick the perfect, age appropriate toys that will delight those lucky kids on your list. Other shopping help you'll love is their gift wrapping service, which saves loads of time, and their monogramming service - which will put a name on a toy and make it theirs forever! Easily overwhelmed by oodles of toys? Not to worry - there are the signs that hang about the store labeling the toys in each area from Science and Nature, Preschool, PlayMobile, and even an "Active Zone" where you'll find items like skateboards and the hard to land Easy Roller Riding Machine! So hurry in to Learning Express Toys and snap up the toys your kids will truly appreciate AND play with! It's December already...and this deal gets you twice of what's nice!


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