Discount on Helping Others this Christmas

Crazy? Right? Who’s ever heard of getting a discount on helping other people?

But, it’s for real. Groupon is offering you the opportunity to donate $25 to Kiva through microloans for just $15.


Kiva’s microloans take your cash and loan it to small, upstart businesses around the world to help them get on their feet. You get to pick who and what your money goes to support! Ideally, their business is successful and the small business eventually pays you back allowing you to invest again in another company and another life.

What a cool way to celebrate Christmas this year!

How to get this deal if you are new to Groupon:

  1. Join Groupon.
  2. Purchase this deal from Groupon. It should be activated to use within 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Go to and choose the person you want to support.

For Groupon returning customers, just login and follow the same steps to locate the deal.


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