Be a Part of the Super Bowl Experience for Just $49


While tickets to the Super Bowl game will be thousands of dollars each, you can attend this Super Bowl party at the Cotton Bowl on February 3, 4, or 5.

To commemorate the Dallas area's first time as host to the Super Bowl, the Cotton Bowl will transform into a 40,000-square-foot club with a tent of circus-shaming proportions pitched on the field. This climate-controlled campsite of celebration will house crystalline bars imported from supervillain ice lairs, a spot-lit dance floor, and performance space to host live entertainment each night. Thursday features the nostalgic melodies of the Village People and Sublime with Rome headlines Saturday's slate. VIP attendees receive access to an exclusive elevated section to watch the throngs of plebeians on ground level and free drinks.

$49 will get you regular access; $99 will get you VIP access.

Groupon returning customers can use this link.


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