2 Things You Can’t Afford NOT To Do

Okay, if you are online during this holiday season . . . which clearly you are or you wouldn’t be reading this post . . . there are TWO things that you just can’t afford NOT to do.

#1 – Use Ebates!

As you shop Ebates will give you cash back on your purchases. You get $5 cash back for signing up and then a percentage of every purchase you make online.

I didn’t buy much last year, but what I did purchase earned me about $40  in cash back!

Seriously if you are shopping online without using Ebates, you are just wasting money.

#2 – Search with Swagbucks

I have Swagbucks set as my automatic search engine and home page. When I am looking for a deal or even just navigating to a store’s website, I frequently earn Swagbucks. Just a few a day adds up quickly and earn $5 Amazon gift certificates every few weeks.

Amazon has had some incredible deals already and those $5 gift certificates add up and allow me to get some sweet stuff!

Are you going to join me?


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