Reece’s Rainbow


Reece’s Rainbow is a site that was started by a mom who has a little boy with Down’s Syndrome. Now she wants to make sure every child with Down’s has their own home. In many foreign countries children with “profound” handicaps such as Down Syndrome are treated like animals. They receive little food, medicine or attention and are frequently under heavy sedation to make them easy to handle.

I know not every one is called to bring a child into their own home, but we are all called to do something. And Reece’s Rainbow makes that easy. You can give money for a specific child to have the funds to be adopted. The site has children that are looking for homes, matched, in the paperwork process, and on their way to their permanent home!

For example, Ivan . . .


Ivan L

Ivan is 5 years old. He is fully functional with some mild physical needs due to his Down’s Syndrome, but overall is a bundle of energy. Recently, a single mom chose Ivan and she is now working to bring him home. Because of Reece’s Rainbow, more than $2000 has been raised towards Ivan’s adoption.


Micah is just about one now. He was born with a heart condition, but has already had corrective surgery and is doing great now.

Only $88 has been given towards his adoption. If you are interested in contributing towards his adoption, you can do that here.

There are so many more faces. Go, look, be moved, and then do something. Just a few dollars can add up to bring one of these children home to a real, permanent family.

Look at these sweet faces of babies who are waiting for someone to bring them home and love on them:




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