Purer Air? Really??

It might not surprise you to know I’m a skeptic. Please don’t try to sell me something unless you REALLY know your stuff.

That’s my parent’s fault by the way. Or rather my dad’s. When we were growing up and we made a definitive statement, he used to poke holes in it just to see if we knew what we were talking about. You learned to keep your mouth shut if you didn’t have all the details straight.

My oldest has some significant breathing problems. So Oreck sent me an air purifier to see what we thought.

I’ll be honest. When we first plugged it in and tried it out, I couldn’t tell the difference in anything.

Except the noise level. It makes the sound of a small fan and that annoyed me.

So we turned it off and left it off.

Until today when I was cleaning the house and trying to get it ready for a showing – yes, we are STILL selling our house.

Oreck ProShield Plus Air Purifier with UV-A Helios Shield and Remote - AIR12GUI turned it on and left the house. Then I didn’t come back for over 8 hours! And when I did, the house smelled differently. It kind of smelled like nothing. Like someone had scrubbed the air . . . I don’t really know how to explain it to you. Too bad the screen doesn’t come with scratch and sniff.

All I know to say is, think about all of those times when you walk into someone’s house and a strong odor hits you – potpourri, decay, onions, food – and yet they don’t seem to notice it. Today it was like that smell in our house, whatever it may be, was gone and that stood out to me.

I’m really not sure what health effects the purifier may have for us, but I love the clean air and i figured out how to make it quieter . . . too cool!

This machine is expensive! But if you have serious health problems and need the benefits, it definitely does what it says it does.


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