Today is Orphan Sunday . . . and many churches around the country honored the 163 million children who have no home and no family of their own.

You can see the sermon by our BFG leader online once it is posted.

But the whole day went from theoretical to real life practical when I ran into a friend who just returned from Uganda with this little boy:


6 months ago, this little boy was one of those 163 million children. Today, he is snuggled in his own little bed at home with a Mommy, a Daddy and a big sister.

For me today, he was the face of adoption. This little boy is LOVED already. Not only does his new family love him, but his church family can’t get enough of him. He was literally the center of attention.

Owen will forever be different because of his adoption.

If you’ve never considered your role in loving the fatherless, take a little bit of time to do just that.

And while you’re wrapping your brain around that, you can watch this video.

Hope is Fading – Orphan Sunday from Allan Rosenow on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for sharing! That video makes me cry like a baby. I also saw Owen on their way to the car... so beautiful... and SO thrilled he is a part of OUR church family! :)


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