HOT!: 3 Babylegs = $10 + FREE Shipping

Boys Imagination CMBabyLegs Leg Warmers is having an incredible sale – 3 sets of BabyLegs for just $10! Normally, they’re about $10 each.

I love these BabyLegs. I probably have close to ten pairs and I have a boy!

Steal My Heart CMBut it’s helpful when you’re around the house but it’s too cold for bare legs.

It keeps them warmer under jeans or khakis when you go out.

It protects their knees when they’re learning to crawl.

Classic Ribbed Trio CMAND the big boys and girls can even wear them under their short sleeve shirts to keep their arms warm and extend their wardrobe into the winter days!

Go get yours before they sell out! They’re available NOW and shipping is FREE.


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