Heads Up! HOT Groupon Deals Coming

Shopping deals are popping up all around . . . if you’re new to the “deal shopping” world – the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) will have CRAZY hot deals in the stores and the Monday following Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday which is generally the equivalent of Black Friday.

I am SO excited. I’m actually in the process of being anal and making a spreadsheet so I know which people have gifts and which ones I still need to be on the lookout for. Can’t wait for great deals to make those gifts painless and fun.

Groupon is actually getting ready to have some great sales. They are teasing an apparel deal focused on college age kids with “interesting” advertisements! Can’t wait to see who that is? What’s your guess?

And there will be some special deals coming soon that you will only be able to get RIGHT HERE and not even directly at the Groupon website!!


  1. I recently joined Groupon and am excited to hear about the deals coming up! Thanks!


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