Gap Jeans - $5.59 Each In-store!

Gap is running a promotion where you receive a “jean card” when you purchase any pair of children’s jeans. The card gives you one FREE pair of regular priced jeans if you buy four pairs of any other jeans before July of next year.

On the clearance rack, there were a whole shelf of girl’s jeans clearanced to $6.99. If you purchase 4 pairs of jeans at $6.99, you would be able to get a fifth pair of jeans for FREE. The cool part is the fifth pair is REGULAR priced, so you could pick the most expensive pair in the store if that’s what you wanted.

In the end, you would have 5 pairs of jeans for a little less than $27.96 plus tax! That is $5.59 each!!

Only valid on children’s and baby’s jeans. Not valid in outlet stores or online. Deal good through July 28, 2011.


  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. Hey there : )
    You are shopping online or in-store? which often would you prefer? truly wondering lol.. i favor in-store as i hate expecting it to come!

  3. This deal is only good in store. I shop both ways just depending on which way I get a better idea.


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