Formula Choices

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Since Weston is such a good nurser, we haven't used much formula. But I can tell you I was very glad that we were using a different formula when the Similac recall occurred.

Did you know that all infant formulas are required by the FDA to have the same level of nutrients? That means that generic, store brand formula is the nutritional equivalent of Similac or Enfamil but costs 50% less which can be a savings of around $600 a year! If you want to look at the numbers yourself, you can go here.

With everything that has gone on with Similac recently, it might be a great time to consider the switch to generic formula. It was even recommended in an article on CBS's


My babies have used several different generic or store brand formulas and never had an issue with taste, nutritional value, or fussiness/gassy reactions. It's totally worth it to save that much money!

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