Do You Know How She Feels?

This is Franshwa. She is the mother of these two 5 week old baby boys. Who may die.

Franshwa doesn’t want to place these babies for adoption, but if it means saving their lives she will do whatever it takes.

But the bottom line is that these babies are close to death because this momma doesn’t get to eat every day. She doesn’t have clean water to drink. She hasn’t been taught the first thing about breastfeeding. She doesn’t know that her babies need to eat every 2-3 hours even if they don’t wake up and cry. She doesn’t know she won’t produce milk unless she eats and drinks enough.

Neither Franshwa or her husband have a fulltime job. They lost their first son eight years ago. When asked why, she says he got sick and quickly died.

Franshwa and her husband live in a tent. They love Jesus. Her husband even preaches from time to time at a local, open air church. They have prayed for these babies.

And God heard. He sent the right person at the right time. He provided a sponsor so that these babies and this mom will have three months of supplemental food, attention and training. She will get two large meals a day, enough water to keep her hydrated around the clock, and her babies will receive supplementation after they nurse. Hopefully, her milk supply will increase and she will be able to sustain her own children.

But, how many of you mommas can feel this momma’s pain? How many times has a child gotten sick in your home and your heart sticks in your throat because you don’t exactly know what to do? Have you ever looked at your child and though you would do ANYTHING to keep them safe? ANYTHING?

And yet we have access to doctors .  . . to food . . . to clean water . . . to knowledge. Are we better than Franshwa? Have we done something to deserve those things? Has she  . . . or anyone else in Haiti or any other third world country . . . done anything to warrant being deprived of those things?

Or is it that we have been given more in order that we would give more? Will you sit in your house on Thursday eating until you are ready to burst, never giving a second thought towards those that won’t eat anything that day?

I’m not trying to put you on a guilt trip – not an unnecessary one anyway. We can’t solve the problems of the world, but we should be doing SOMETHING. What are you doing?

Just for starters, I know that every time I nurse my chubby baby I will be reminded to pray for this momma and her precious babies.

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