Crazy Weekend

$1300 Garage Sale for a friend’s Africa mission trip.

Rock and Republic Sample Sale – $300 jeans for $20!

Scrapbooking until 3 a.m.

Creating 26 Lamb and Staff ornaments for an exchange.

Picking up a wheelchair for my dad who had double knee replacement.

Taking my nieces across town and getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

Hosting a dinner party for 6 adults, 2 teenagers and three small children.

Baby dedication with people traveling in from out of town.

Attending ornament exchange.

That’s some of what I have been doing since Friday – hence, my lack of posts. Hopefully this afternoon or evening I’ll be able to recap the best deals for you over the past couple of days.

It’s exciting times. Love the holidays. Love family (most of the time). Love the deals!!


  1. OH. MY. GRACIOUS. This makes me tired just reading about it!! YOU are a brave woman!! Good to see you last night... I am impressed that you made time to socialize! You know what is important, right!? :)


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