From Mike Rusch:



oh no those poor poor white people 


What you can do about it:

1. Save your cereal boxes. The Haitian ladies are able to support their families by selling beautiful bead necklaces . . . made from cereal boxes. Instructions on where to send the cereal boxes can be found here.

2. Give towards ministries like Heartline – where they are teaching life skills to mothers and their infants. Give babies a fighting chance.

3. Real Hope for Haiti is a clinic on the frontline battle of cholera in Haiti. You can read here all of the specifics about how your money can make a difference, but here are a few facts:

$10/hour to staff the house where the cholera patients are housed = $240 per day
You could pay for just one hour at a time for $30.

Each lifesaving bag of IV fluid costs $3.82.  The average patient will go through 15 bags = $57.30
You could pay for one bag of lifesaving fluid for $4.
You could cover the cost of keeping a patient alive for one day for $58.

They use 15 gallons of bleach per day sanitizing everything.  Each gallon is $5 = $75 a day 
Will you help them sanitize the place for one day?  $75
Will you help them for a week? $525 donation


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