STEAL: Beauty and The Beast and Toy Story 3

**UPDATE: the $5 is just a deposit for Toy Story 3. So you will pay $7.99 for Beauty and the Beast today and then another $24.99 for Toy Story 3 when it comes out. If you want both of these Blue Ray DVDs then it isn't a bad deal - consider it paying about $16 for each movie.**

Heard about this great deal today.

AT Toys’R’Us, you can get:
Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack — $22.99
then Pre-order Toy Story 3 at the register — just $5
- Get $10 off any Disney Blu-Ray $19.99 or more
- Use $10 printable coupon
Total: $7.99 ($2.99 for the movie and $5 deposit for Toy Story 3)
You will pay another $24.99 when Toy Story 3 comes in.


  1. wow, thanks for posting I will have to try to do that!


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