I am up once again in the middle of the night. I am sick. I want to be sleeping, but my baby wants to play and talk . . . with me.

And so as he lays beside me on the couch, I am blogging.


What power they hold.

I’m not a fan.

I believe the verse that says TRUTH will set you free. Truth is the very opposite of secret.

Secrets wound. Long and deep. Shame keeps you in a box – shaking, embarrassed, humiliated.

My own immediate family has been gravely affected by secrets. Things parents didn’t tell their children. Murmurs thirty years too late to make a difference but cruel and damaging in their speaking now. Shame that lied to spouses. Anger that separated siblings. Sin that was mirrored through generations because no one was willing to call it what it was.

We are determined to break that cycle in our household. God forgives. God heals. God loves. That is what should permeate these conversations of hard things. Nothing is outside His reach. He never left. He did not hide. He is always big enough. He wants us to be free.

If you are trapped by secrets, read this . . . and let it change the way you see:

Why repress our stories? Isn’t that all we have — our story and The Word who keeps writing our story?

Tight lips can suffocate till life lies limp, and secrets can smother and leave you for dead. . . I grow up. I keep my secrets tight and my secrets keep me tight.

We all thought the secrets would save us . . . but they slowly slay us.

I can show you my scars. (read more)


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