My Husband Rocks

Several of you that know me in real life have commented on my shirt that says . . .

My Husband Rocks Tee

Usually I get asked if he was the one who bought it for me . . . ha!!! I actually won it in a giveaway from Cafepress.

Today, Mamapedia is running a special on Cafepress items – get 50% off! So you pay $15 for $30 worth of credit. These shirts are usually between $20 - $30 depending on which kind you order . . . or you can get tote bags . . . or even undies. Ahem, anyway, they also have a slew of other sayings and logos and pictures in case you don’t have a husband.

It’s a good deal and I’m debating getting another shirt since I’ve almost worn my first one out.

Oh, and for each purchase you make through Mamapedia, they donate 5% to the school of your choice!


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