October 17, 2010

Check Out Walmart Clearance

One of my great readers, Briana, emailed me yesterday to tell me that there is some incredible clearance at one of our local Walmarts.

Joey and I hit it last night about midnight after a CRAZY busy day with no kids.

We were able to find swim outfits – top and bottoms – for a $1! We got Toy Story and Madagascar.

Then they had character shirts – Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, Cars – for $3. These aren’t the cheap screen printed, thin t-shirts but thick, shirts with added embroidery and 3D elements.

I’m sure there was lots more, but we were exhausted and those were the items I came in looking for.

I did also manage to find a $3 pair of OP swim trunks for Joey!!