All Kinds of Coupons

aI’ve talked before about all of the places that I find coupons, but on a regular basis I find coupons in strange or new places.

Recently, it’s been:

#1 – Preschool/Daycare: They had a huge stack of $1.50/2 coupons for Clorox to encourage you to buy cleaning supplies in your child’s classroom.

#2 – Doctor’s Office: Our doctor’s office has a stack of small samples and coupons that you can peruse and take what you need or want. INVALUABLE. Lot of high dollar medicine coupons like $2/1 Tylenol or $3/1 Triaminic. And even things not typically “medicine” in my mind like $1/1 Desitin diaper rash cream.

#3 – Grocery Store: I know peelies, blinkies and store coupons are frequently found in the grocery store. But recently at both Albertson’s and Tom Thumb, I have found large coupon books with LOTS of manufacturer’s coupons. Even if the books recommend redeeming them at a certain retailer, if they are manufacturer coupons they can be used anywhere. This has made for some incredible deals.

#4 – Junk Mail: I hate junk mail. Really. It junks up everything. But I do try to flip through it and make sure I’m not missing anything. Today I stopped and looked through the Coupon Clipper magazine which I believe is local, but you probably get something similar.

They had a couple of good restaurant coupons, but then at the back they had two facing pages of coupons that looked like this:

imageI don’t know if you can see this but there are eight coupons at the top that are good at any of the restaurants and stores at the bottom . . . including IHOP, Babusan, Waffle House, Baskin Robins, etc. The higher your total, the more you save – so it’s $2/$10 but $20/$100 more. Many times I have eaten or shopped in these places and easily spent $10 but NEVER used these coupons. To be honest, I’ve never even paid attention to them.

So, for you local folks, go grab this book out of your mail or your recycle bin and throw it in the car just in case you visit one of the participating establishments. That’s a SUPER easy way to save.

Have any of you used these coupons?


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