Worthy Cause

We have some sweet friends who are just waiting for their referral to come for their baby girl who is waiting to come home from Ethiopia. When that call comes, they will need to pay several tens of thousands of dollars in order to get her home to Texas.

To raise money, they are doing online silent auctions. I will be sharing those with you in case they are things that you would be interested in . . . because I know that the money you spend will go towards a very worthy cause.

Currently they have three silent auctions open:


Get your cards hand addressed!

The first item up for auction is the opportunity to get your cards – Christmas cards, baby announcements, whatever you like - beautifully HAND ADDRESSED in whatever style you like best!! This lady is amazingly talented and her handwriting is beautiful... you will be amazed! She can do it however you like - print, scrolly, fancy, fun, whatever. She can write your return address or you can provide labels. You will just need to provide us the envelopes and the addresses.

She can do it super early if you want to get it checked off your list! How NICE to not have to worry about this during all of the craziness surrounding the up and coming holidays!!
If you are local to the DFW area, you can have the envelopes picked up and dropped off. If you don't, you can still bid, and the envelopes can be shipped back to you, envelopes beautifully addressed and ready to stuff and mail!

To bid, please send your top bid to heytams at gmail.com.

Bidding will end in approximately 24 hours.


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