Welcome, Winners and What’s Next

Welcome to all of you who found MelissaStuff through Blogmania over the last couple of days. I think we have a pretty good time around here, and we would love for you to join us regularly. I post deals and freebies to help your budget so that you have room to help other people with what you have left over. From time to time I share opportunities that I see as worthy causes.

Now on to the reason you came to visit in the first place, we have our Blogmania winners! You guys went CRAZY. We had over 2500 entries for this giveaway! There were some great items from wonderful sponsors, so I think that every one of those entries was well justified. If you didn’t win, please consider going to the sponsor’s site and purchasing your favorite items. You can find a full list of the items and sponsors here.

mrmanlyman7 - Copy Mrmanlyman1 Mrmanlyman2  mrmanlyman4 mrmanlyman5 mrmanlyman6 mrmanlyman3

The winner of the Mr. Manly Man Package is . . .

Mainland Mama

teenchoice5 teenchoice1 teenchoice2 teenchoice3 teenchoice4

The winner of the Teen Choice Package is . . .


Child's Shirt boywonder1 boywonder2 boywonder3 boywonder4 boywonder6 boywonder7 boywonder8


The winner of the Boy Wonder Package is . . .


I’ve only received confirmation from one of them, so the other two have until midnight tonight to get back to me or I’ll be redrawing for those prize packages.

For those of you that didn’t win, don’t feel too badly. I entered every Blogmania giveaway that had something I would want and I haven’t heard that I won anything yet either. BUT there are a couple of other giveaways on MelissaStuff right now and I’ll be posting some more now that Blogmania is over.


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Blogmania was a blast!!

  2. I had a great time entering and meeting all the wonderful bloggers..ya'll turned me on to some wonderful sites, and ideas!!

  3. Some of you winners better get on the ball. Those were some great prizes. Congrats to those who confirmed their wins. :)


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