Super LOW Entries in the Giveaways

I don’t know if some of my regular readers have given up because they haven’t won, or if you just don’t care for the things I have up for grabs . . . but the current giveaways are sucking wind!

Fisher Kids (ends tomorrow) – 39 entries
ThredUp (ends 9/9) – 1 entry!!!!! Come on, who couldn’t use FREE clothes for their kids!
Shutterfly (ends 9/11) – 15 entries (This one has 4 winners!)
Alight Top (ends 9/30) – 1 entry


  1. hey chica,

    the alight link takes you to shutterfly again. :) just a heads up so you get more entries!

  2. I am feeling it too. I wonder if it is because school has started and everyone is so busy?

  3. I just entered one. For me, I'm just so busy with orders that I don't have the time like I used too. I love your blog though!

  4. I think it was the UPS post, that was a tad awkward..I kid, maybe. :)

  5. I entered the ThredUP giveaway.



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