Holy Experience

One of the things i enjoy the most about blogging is being able to share things I feel strongly about . . . saving money, real authentic relationships, loving the unloved, you know. Here's another one . . . I came across this blog because of the {in}courage blog. Ann Voskamp writes compellingly, movingly. I'm drawn to the pictures she draws with her words and even more by the heart of the message underneath these words.

I’m generally not at a loss for words, but sometimes those deeper things – they defy words. But Ann, she puts them into words for me. Beautifully.

She’s about to release her first book. You’ll want to read it, I promise. Here’s an excerpt:

The long winter I grew heavy with our first child, I wore heavier sweaters and I didn’t tell any of our friends until I was six and a half months swollen.
We’d only been married eight.
And six weeks later, I held our baby.
Our friends thought it a remarkably short pregnancy.
Sometimes we shroud who we are becoming, to keep all the tender, stretching places, safe. Sometimes we fear the words that might abort dreams, the future that might miscarry, the humility that might hurt.

You can preorder now for only $11.55 -


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