Outlast: Hand Sanitizer that Lasts

My family is germy. And I, I am a germaphobe. Not such a good match.

Our solution is hand sanitizer. So I was excited to try a new hand sanitizer that is said to last for up to 6 hours. Regular hand sanitizers only last for the first couple of minutes after you apply them.

Outlast works just like all other hand sanitizers. It goes on wet, dries quickly with a strong scent. However, the difference is big – it LASTS 6 hours! Unfortunately for me, I can’t mentally adjust to that concept so I tend to reapply or wash my hands long before 6 hours is up. But, as a mom, it is nice to feel like your kids are protected at least a little bit when you send them out the door or when you are visiting a place that is particularly gross.

I would gladly choose Outlast over any other hand sanitizer if given a choice.

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Outlast is now available in select Albertson’s stores in Texas and Louisiana. You can get your free sample here.


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