Need Nuts for the Holidays?

Don't roll your eyes at me . . . I know we haven't quite gotten to Halloween yet and then comes Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then New Years. But we go through a LOT of nuts between October and January. I try to buy them on sale at the grocery (or believe it or not Walgreens), but even then I usually spend about $6 for 12 oz. and sometimes a lot more because there aren’t any sales or coupons.

There is a Groupon today in Indianapolis and Toledo for an online store called the Nutty Guys. You can get $25 worth of nuts for $10! (They actually also sell dried fruit, granola, candy, etc.) Logo

They sell 1 lb. of pecans for $9.58 and 8 oz. for $5.73.

Here is what I am ordering:

2 lbs. Pecan Pieces - $9.58 each

8 oz. Pecan Halves - $5.73 each

Total: $24.89

You will have paid $10 for the Groupon and $5 for shipping – so you’ll get 2 1/2 lbs. of pecans for $15. That makes each 12 oz. = $4.50! and they’re delivered right to your door so you aren’t forgetting them or making a special trip in the middle of baking!



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