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LOCAL: Ft. Worth Haunted House – 4 Attractions for $10 TODAY

They say it was a brisk October night back in 1882 when an angry lynch mob finally put an end to the murderous rampage of Hezekiah Jones, a man known simply as the Hangman. When the sun fell, he would stalk his victims along the banks of the Trinity River and hang them until dead. By his rope, hundreds died.

Then one October night, he was strung up by the neck with his own bloodstained rope. The mob watched as he gasped for breath through the blackened bag covering his face. They left him hanging there in the damp night air to die. But when the gravedigger came back in the morning, all he found was a broken rope dangling from the limb of a rotting oak tree down by the river's edge.

As legend tells it, the Hangman won't die until the souls of all of his victims are gone. Every year he takes a soul from his rope to continue his horrible existence. But when they're used up, he'll die. Unless of course, he kills again.

Last year marked the final soul left on the Hangman's rope. Over 25,000 people claimed to have seen the Hangman stalking victims along the banks of the Trinity in search of new souls to carry on his murderous wrath.

No one knows for sure how many new souls he found. But there are telltale signs that he's looking for victims once again. The sound of jingling spurs, creaking rope and his growling, maniacal laughter have been heard in the area.

You can bet your boots that he will be around again this October, stalking the banks of the Trinity. Be forewarned! He just might come looking for you NECK-XT!

I can’t be the only one who is a sucker for this kind of thing . . . Halloween is just around the corner and with it all the spooky, scary FUN events like haunted houses. The Hangman’s House of Horrors in Ft. Worth is in its 22nd year of operation and donates its net profits to various local charities.


There are four parts to the attraction with the haunted house costing $16 by itself. But today only, you can get access to all four attractions for only $10!


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