Celebrate Summer – Drum Roll, Please!

I thoroughly enjoyed Blogmania. However, it has become a paid event now and I can not afford to pay to participate in something like that.

So, I am going out on my own to launch a new Giveaway Bloghop - Celebrate Summer - that will be held June 1 – 7!

The event is free and it’s a lot of fun to get to know other blogs and introduce new readers to your own blog. If you would be interested in applying, please see the full list of rules and requirements here -

Then if you are interested in applying, please fill out the following application. Those accepted will receive a Google Group invitation.

I can’t wait! We know how to party!


  1. You should call it Blogaholics Anonymous :)

  2. what a wonderful idea! I wanted to get involved in Blogmania, but can't afford that right now.

  3. Thanks for the Idea/invitation, sound great :)

  4. Hi Melissa!

    I signed up, if you accept me please email me at the address provided before adding me to the approved list, I have a different email that I sign into google with and that one needs to be used:)

    Love this idea, I wanted to do Blogmania so bad, but it just wasn't in the budget at the time:)



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