HOT: Penny Sale at

Ebates has teamed up with to create a Penny Sale. You can purchase up to 5 items for a penny and then pay $5.99 for shipping. So, for a total of $6.04 you can get 5 full-size bottles of toiletries. Put these together with a cute bow or a trendy basket and you have a VERY cheap gift!

If you want to participate, go to Ebates and search for Look at the coupons listed below and you should find the third or fourth one down is the Penny Sale.

Within 30-60 days, you’ll get 6% back on this purchase and if its the first purchase through Ebates, you’ll also get a $5 bonus.

Fun, Fun!

Thanks, Little House on the Prairie Living!


  1. Am I reading it wrong? When I click on the 6% cash back coupon, it takes me to a product page. Each product is $2.99 or more. It says you can get one product for one penny. I'm not seeing where I can get five. What am I doing wrong?

  2. You have to scroll down the page - both the third and fourth "coupon offers" below are get items for $.01. Then when you go to the page it says get up to 5 of these items for $.01 but they have their regular prices listed and then they get discounted in your cart.


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