HOT – Denver and Dallas Women, 35-44, No Kids!

**I received an update that this firm is looking for Dallas and Denver women between the ages of 35 and 44 with no children. If that’s you, go apply and take advantage of the great compensation on this opportunity!**

This is an incredible opportunity for any women living in the Denver or Dallas area. If you sign up for this marketing research study on fresh tomatoes taking place the week of September 27th, you will be able to earn $150-200 plus the digital camera you will be given to do the research!

I’ve done these kind of research opportunities before and made several hundred dollars doing it. The research study will consist of an in-person interview, either in your home or in a store, a phone interview, and completion of a few exercises on your own.  In total, it will take approximately 4 hours of your time

" target=_blank>" target=_blank>Go here and use the referral code MLST to see if you qualify! (Don’t forget the code MLST – if it makes it easier, I assume that’s short for MeLissaSTuff.)

I haven’t worked with this specific research company before, but I checked it out and everything seemed legit. Please let me know what your experience is like with them.


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