DEAD?? HOT: FREE Clothes . . . For REAL!

Update: When one of my family members tried to use the code THREDUP the site said it was no longer available. Is everyone else having the same problem? This code was supposed to be good through Dec. 31, 2010.Original

Plum District is offering a $30 credit for Agoo Apparel for Kids for only $10.

Use the code THREDUP to get $10 off your purchase and you get $30 worth of Agoo clothing for FREE!!!

Now Agoo clothes are REALLY expensive. They are rain proof, UV proof, stain proof and wick away moisture!

You might get you one pair of pants or a shirt. Or you can get 3 FREE Leggings!!! How do you beat that?

Hurry! Get yours before they sell out!

Here are some things you can buy:


Leg Huggers - Fall DaisiesTrinity Fleece Pant - Black/MallardBoxster Top ABFPuddle Pant - BlackTam Tam Squart - Rose/Parfait/Nectar


  1. I don't know about the link, but I will say this about Agoo. I won a giveaway and for $50 I got a skort and a pair of the leggings. They are great quality and my daughter loves them. She usually tears her clothes off as soon as she is home, but she will wear these until I make her take them off. Haha!

  2. I just tried it, it says the coupon is not valid.


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