HOT: $20 for 4 Movie Tickets AVAILABLE AGAIN

For those of you that missed out on the Groupon yesterday, this deal is available again through Mamapedia.

The vouchers you get from Mamapedia can be redeemed through Fandango. That means you can purchase them online for almost any theater from now until March 2011.

If your family will go to the movies even once between now and March, you NEED to buy these tickets. They will save you anywhere from $3 - $7 per ticket! The deal is good on Mamapedia for the next 48 hours.

(Although Weekly Cinema is a monthly program you can sign up for, this deal does not require signing up and will not add you to their program.)


  1. Thanks for the info!
    Just to let me know, after I ordered it says the vouchers expire Dec. 30, 2010. Maybe because I am not in Dallas?
    Sweet deal,anyway :)

  2. The deal says:

    - Tickets up to $14 value each

    - Must redeem voucher on website by December 30, 2010

    - Redeem tickets at theatre of choice by March 30, 2011

    - No refunds or exchanges on
    expired or unused vouchers

    I don't know exactly what the difference in those two things is, but that was what I was basing my information on.


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