Half-Price Cowboys Tickets

Monday Night Football!

I was just wishing for discounted Cowboys tickets the other night . . . and I got my wish. This is for tomorrow night’s preseason game. Sure hope it comes along again during the regular season.


Two Lower-level Cowboy Tickets, Barbecue, and Drink - $225

Seize this deal and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year (the start of football season, of course) in style.  For just $225, receive two lower-level tickets to see the Miami Dolphins try to take on the Cowboys, and you’ll also get BBQ and beverages at the Tailgate Tavern three hours prior to the game!  The Tailgate Tavern is directly across the street - only 900 ft - from Cowboys Stadium and serves up a fantastic game day dinner! Call up your best friend, your dad, or your other half (even if she beat you last year in your fantasy league) and tell them to get ready for a great night out with the Cowboys by seizing the deal today!


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