Fluid! Squirt! Flo!

Does that title make you laugh like it does me?

Those are all names of Boon brand products that I have tried out in the last few weeks. One of them the “Flow” I won in a giveaway and the other two I was provided to review.

First of all I have to say that I love the innovative ideas over at Boon. They have great products that just aren’t your typical children’s items. I wish I had access to them when my first child was born.


Fluid Fluid is Boon's sippy cup. With a unique shape, it is perfect for the little one who is brand new to holding a cup. I can’t wait for Weston to start using it.


The Squirt is a baby spoon that holds the food in the handle. You just squeeze and the spoon tip is refilled. The idea behind this is good, but it hasn’t been super helpful for us yet. Since Weston just started solids, he doesn’t wolf down the food yet. The stopper from the food to the spoon tip doesn’t ever completely seal so more food than I want ends up on the spoon.

Then when I go to clean his face off, there really isn’t any way to hold the spoon except perfectly level that will keep food from dripping out and off the end of the spoon.

However, I think when Weston is bigger and eating more efficiently, the Squirt will come in much more handy. FloThe Flo product is a faucet cover for the bathtub. We had previously used a hard, molded plastic one in a Noah’s ark theme. It was problematic because you couldn’t access the shower pull while it was on. Now, with my boys, that was probably a good thing when they were little. And they didn’t share the shower with anyone so it wasn’t a big deal. But now sometimes they take showers and sometimes they take baths. So it’s great that the Boon Flow actually fits over the shower pull so it can be accessed even with the faucet cover on.

Not only that, but the water shoots up and out like a fountain, so it’s great to use to fill up the baby bathtub. In the past, I had to use my arm to divert the flow and wasted a lot of water.

The only negative is that the bubble bath option doesn’t work well. You’re supposed to be able to add it to one compartment and then add bubbles “at the push of a button” while the water is pouring out. It seems as if the bubble bath goes straight down while the water shoots up and out so the two never come together – resulting in not very many bubbles.

But that’s a minor detail. Overall, I give the Flo two thumbs up!

Boon has many more items available and the prices are all totally reasonable. (They have a high chair I’m dying to try out!!) You can catch them on their blog, Twitter or Facebook.


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