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Wish I had some of these brownies right this minute . . .

Sampler Pack - Half Dozen

Most of the time I like my brownies chewy with a rich, melt-in-your mouth consistency. These brownies were different with more of a crumbly feel.

Each of them came in their own sealed package so it was convenient and easy to only open and eat what you wanted.

I received the sampler pack which contained the following flavors:

Dark Chocolate – Not very sweet and actually a hint of salty. RICH!!! Perfect with lots of milk

Peanut Butter – Both chocolate and peanut butter. It has crunchy peanuts in it which are the best part.

Traditional – a “regular” brownie except that nothing from Vermont Brownies is regular. Strong chocolate taste.

Maple Toffee Crunch – Maple Toffee topping was amazing! I would eat it as candy all by itself. It was clearly made from scratch, not goopy but crumbly sugar that melts in your mouth

Espresso Dulce de Leche – This was the last brownie I ate so it was a bit older than the others, but there were small hard bits of something (espresso beans, maybe) in it that I couldn’t manage to chew. Besides that the flavor and texture were great.

Each night when I was ready for a “snack”, I would break out the brownie I wanted to try, heat it up for just a few seconds in the microwave and enjoy it with a glass of milk. I am confident that whoever wins the Blogmania giveaway items from the Vermont Brownie Company will thoroughly enjoy their prize!

The Blogmania winner of Vermont Brownie Company prize will get a box of their brownies!


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