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I love everything I giveaway and review on MelissaStuff or I wouldn’t be bringing it to you. Some I love more than others . . . some I get REALLY excited about. This is one of those.

Pitter Patter Art is the home of Laura Kelley. She is an amazing artist and an adoptive mom. All of the work in her store is original and much of it can be customized.


You can find her entire adoption story on her website. But as you can see she has a beautiful family with both biological and adoptive children.


This is a 16x20 canvas with all of the names of Jesus. I need one of these in my house. I love that it’s different, it’s funky and it has so much meaning behind it.


She also does these great key fobs that can be personalized with a saying, a verse, or even a country. My favorite is the first one with the saying – God etched your name on our hearts.


And she makes all kinds of shirts . . . in fact, I’m pretty sure she can do ANYTHING you want her to. I love her creativity and flair. These shirts are definitely one-of-a-kind.

You can purchase any of these items, by visiting her blog Pitter Patter Art or emailing her directly at Let her know MelissaStuff sent you.

Laura has gone above and beyond for the Blogmania giveaway – she is giving away a child’s shirt, an adult’s shirt, AND a key fob! Remember any proceeds from items purchased from Pitter Patter Art will go towards Laura’s second adoption that is currently in the works.


  1. Oh my goodenss, i love Pitter Patter Art! Thanks for introducing it to us! I'll be checking out her site soon.
    I'm looking forward to Blogmania tomorrow. My giveaway post is ready to post at midnight tonight! =)


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