Blogmania Sponsor: Bake Me a Wish



This sponsor makes me drool! Bake Me A Wish is an online company that bakes fresh, gourmet cakes and overnights them right to your door. I was worried that it might not do so well since I have had some chocolate overnighted and it showed up with an ice pack that felt like it came out of the oven and was completely melted! But when the cake arrived from Bake a Wish, the custom ice pack was still frozen and the cake was cold to the touch.

We have a couple of birthdays coming up in our house so we haven’t tasted the cake yet. It’s in the freezer waiting for the special days. But I can’t wait to try it out.

Go take a look at all of the great cakes the offer. You will have the opportunity to win one of these wonderful cakes for yourself in our upcoming Blogmania Event.


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