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Annabel Karmel


Annabel Karmel has written a variety of cookbooks that help us parent’s fix the best foods for our kids . . . and get them to eat the food as well.

You can find recipes and ideas on her website I was sent the First Meals & More cookbook to review . . . and it kind of surprised me that I liked it. It addresses all kinds of topics that come up as you are trying to figure out what to feed you toddlers! Is it okay for them to eat the same thing over and over? How do I get vegetables into them? Do they need extra vitamins? I’m excited about trying some of the recipes and seeing how they go over with my kids.

First Meals And More: Your Questions Answered

They also sent me a copy of You Can Cook. This is an ideal cookbook for little ones who want to get in the kitchen and “help.” My newly 3-year-old son wants to cook with Mommy, and while I have let him help, I am always cringing and wondering if he should really be helping. This cookbook provides safe solutions and lets the kids feel like they are cooking on their own.

You Can Cook

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